Friday, 1 December 2017

Moving Through Restlessness Back Into The Flow

As I look back at my pattern of growth, it seems like I always start with the First Insight. The Restlessness seems to knock me out of my Synchronistic flow and then into a state of confusion, filled with unknowing and a lack of inspiration. Getting back into the flow is as easy as staying conscious of my current life questions and then opening up to the guidance of the intuitive part of Synchronicity, yet I find the beginning of my Restlessness always comes with an emptiness occupied by ego-focused thoughts.

When I notice that I am in the grips of Restlessness, my focus is mostly internal. I tend to neglect, or even resist, what is going on around me. James Redfield’s Twelfth Insight tells us that we must stay in a state of alertness to receive our guiding intuitions, and what I’m now understanding is that if I fail to pay close attention, and be in tune with my external world, I close myself off from seeing the synchronistic events that are happening in my life.

Looking back at my previous episodes of profound restlessness, I spot a pattern that always occurs directly before a major growth spurt in my personal evolution. When I last endured a spell of this frustrating energy, it led me to question what causes such chaos at the beginning of my growth periods. And just that quickly, as I opened myself up to receiving messages from the Divine, an answer arrived telling me to look around at what was happening in my life. This created awareness, through mindfulness, of all the areas that directly affect me. So, in turn, I write this now suggesting that to address Restlessness we must focus on each of the three Primary Human Areas: Body, Mind, Spirit.

Getting back into the flow is a whole Body-Mind-Spirit process 


Healthy eating has never been a habit that I’ve really adopted in life (I’ve always appreciated the convenience of “grab and go” foods as they suit my busy lifestyle). Unfortunately, as a poor diet affects our nutrient intake, our energy level will slump as a result of the food we consume - and this speaks volumes to me now. When I’m restless, I begin noticing symptoms, such as trouble concentrating, weakness, fatigue, crankiness, memory problems, and confusion, creeping into my life. There comes a point when I can’t keep ignoring the need to eat healthier foods because, over time, it really begins to affect everything we do.

We all know how important sleep is to our well-being, but personally, I love to sleep in the morning and stay up late at night. Many times, in the still of the night, when my body is exhausted, but my eyes are wide open, something stirs inside of me. Intuition knocks at the door, storms in, and talks non-stop for an hour. Much can be learned from these precious moments, but I recognize while I definitely have been experiencing the gifts that come with the night, so far, I've been missing out on what the mornings have to offer. According to those who relish morning energies, "They give you a natural and creative energy, and most of all the brilliant 'work of the mind' will happen with your morning energy.” So, this need for change calls out to me. I realize I must calm my restless energy, so that my mind can be clear when I wish to sleep, in turn allowing my body to take the deep rest it requires at night.


A healthy mind requires freedom to safely express and release emotions while correcting erroneous beliefs and attitudes, so it’s vital that we watch our thoughts and thinking patterns because we directly impact what happens around us. My primary drama is the 'Poor Me' and finding ways to stay out of my drama helps keep my ego at bay. When it comes to grappling with my own behavior, my Aloof side comes out to protect my poor me, but knowing exactly what triggers my dramas and the patterns they have, has given me the upper hand to be able to come out of them quickly - but, only if I choose to.

My Aloof control drama is new to me. It tends to cause issues to linger longer than they should since it often stops me from reaching out to my support group. Every one of us has undesirable moments as life ebbs and flows, and having a support network is so important as it gives us a close circle of allies who care enough to be with us as we face our true feelings. After expressing myself, when I finally do reach out, I feel I’ve honored my emotions and am able to look at my situation rationally. I can see new perspectives and then choose healthier A.I.R. (Actions, Inactions, Reactions).

I’m not being authentic when I hold back my real feelings and don’t speak my truth. It’s hard to practice the Law of Truth when we concern ourselves with other people’s reactions, but we must face the fear and stay true to ourselves. Every lie we tell ourselves and others takes us farther away from who we are. Every false story limits the flow of coincidences that come to us. Every untruth increases the rate of negative karma that we experience. I have found that getting into the flow happens with ease as I speak my truth with kindness through conscious conversations.


Tuning into our intuition, having an awareness of our talents and gifts, and connecting with the Divine from within through meditation, gives us access to finding our purpose in life. I believe each one of our paths toward enlightenment is different. Not one path is either right or wrong. No one is better than the other. Every one of us provides the experiences we came here to live and learn. I believe that no matter which one, or how many we choose to walk, they’re all leading us to the same place.

I’ve found studying the Enneagram a profound experience, as it allows me to get a deeper understanding of who I truly am as a Type 4 and enables me to appreciate how I must nurture the gifts I brought here to share with the world. Looking within myself and acknowledging my truth hasn’t been easy, but it brings me joy with each step I take towards releasing who I thought I should be, embracing who I am now, and being more present in the moment.

It doesn’t matter what job you have; you can still bring your talents into the world and make life rewarding. As you tap into your unique qualities and practice them in all areas of your life, you will be given more opportunities to use them. As we pour our heart, soul, and passion into all that we do, others can “feel” our energy and are drawn toward our service, products, writings, etc.

Living in Alignment 

I recently learned, when all the areas of our life are compatible with our core spiritual beliefs, we begin to live in alignment. However, I personally often find all the parts of my life (relationships, health, work, finances, etc) conflict with each other as they vie for my attention. If I neglect one area, it isn’t long before it ripples out affecting other areas. They are all interconnected so it stands to reason that if I apply my innermost values to all areas of my life, I will be able to live more authentically bringing integrity into my interactions and balance to my professional and personal life.

My journey towards Living the Vision is paved with many twists and turns, but one thing that I know for sure is that I have been guided every step of the way, even in those moments of restlessness, and even more so in times of fear. Sometimes, it is hard to see where I am headed but through it all, I have learned to have faith in the process.

Getting back into the Synchronistic Flow can seem to be quite a daunting task during our lowest moments. If you are experiencing the feeling of disconnection as I do at the beginning of my growth cycles, please know that even though we may not hear our intuition, we have not been left alone to fend for ourselves. If you ever truly experience the integrations of the Twelfth Insight, you will feel and know divine guidance is always there...

Waiting for us to take notice of the bigger picture, waiting for us to find our current questions, waiting for us to open up to hear the messages, waiting for us to trust the signs we have been given, waiting for us to act with inspiration and passion.

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