Friday, 1 December 2017

Get To Know Your True Self

Do you remember who you dreamed of becoming when you were young? It’s interesting, I find, how our visions of our ‘possible-future-self’ develop as the years pass, and how they continually evolve as we grow older, learn about life, and develop new interests.

All of your experiences have contributed to the image you've created, and how you see yourself in relation to everything and everyone else in your world. Consider for a moment if there’s a possibility that the image you’ve created could be flawed, not in a way that’s wrong, but more in a way that might just be incomplete.

In my late teens, when I first saw my own potential to manifest, I formed an image of what I would aspire to be. Without focus or direction, I began to explore different areas and talents I was developing. I was only focusing on a limited view of my potential looking for quick satisfaction and fast results leading to success.

Our struggles are meant to guide us. 

I worked and trained for many years to establish myself as a respected professional woman, envisioning how I’d work my way into a high-level management position within a successful company. Except, every time I made any progress towards this dream, something would block my ability to stay in the flow.

The power of determination helped me persevere through all my setbacks and see the new paths available at each dead end - but changing course when you are determined to succeed is extremely hard as feelings of failure creep in. The disappointment alone makes you question everything, from your reality and who you are, to your worth.

For me, the things limiting my chance at success manifested as:
  • Having insufficient experience to get the jobs I was applying for.
  • The inability to secure permanent positions or turn temporary ones into longer employment.
  • An unwillingness to stay with disreputable companies not aligned with my values.
  • Experiencing moments of low self-esteem with a lack of confidence in my abilities.
  • Settling for a position just to pay the bills, and losing focus of my goals.
  • Allowing the needs, wants, and fears of others to hold me back from taking action.
  • And finally, having children and feeling as if I was giving up on my dream when deciding to be a stay-at-home-mom
I'm sure many of you can relate to these types of struggles. Yet, even though I was able to intuit that these events (which seemed to restrict me) were in fact, outside forces (maybe even divine intervention) strategically guiding me through the experiences I needed, I still relentlessly questioned my life.

Where did it all go wrong and how do I get back on track?

I spent much time trying to manoeuver around each dead end - thinking that if I kept trying, I would eventually prevail - until finally, I conceded, and accepted the circumstances I found myself in. Yet, to be honest, I never did fully accept them; inside me that flame still burned. There was always this inner urge that my life was meant for more than ‘just’ being a housewife and mother.

This restlessness is what gives us the strength to find our mission. It reminds us that we haven’t got everything neatly figured out; it keeps the questions popping into our minds, and instils the desire to seek the answers we yearn for.

Some struggles don't just guide us, they shake us up from the inside and wake us up to a whole new world. It wasn't until I started thinking about who I am and what kind of parent I wanted to be, that I began to enter the flow, allowing the answers to come to me through coincidences.

One of those coincidences was finding The Celestine Prophecy series and eventually the CP Insight Chatting group, which later led me to joining the Celestine Vision Team. As I stepped into my new position, I started to see an old dream begin to emerge, one that stemmed from a child's wish to be of service to others - the path was clear and magically destined - everything placed in just the right spots to bring me to this moment. Yet, here I am sitting in my home office, still fantasizing about that professional image in an upper management position. And on my mind, is that envious question asking, "Why does it seem so easy for others to enter the flow, make progressive growth, and achieve exactly what they have been working so hard for?"

Time for another wake up call! 

My wake-up call this time came as I scrutinized my areas of resistance, and realized that I was still rejecting my natural abilities by trying to be something - someone - that I am not.

While we have many traits and strengths with the personal images we have created, they may not be the natural innate talents and abilities that we brought into this world to help us live our missions. As I acknowledged this in myself, I realized that I needed to question if my current professional growth was really at another stand still.

Sometimes when we feel stuck, all it takes is someone to remind us of where we have been, how we got here, the value of what we are doing, and where we are headed. In receiving the gift of this remembrance, I was filled with a deep appreciation for my life and all the paths that led me here.

Even if you do not have someone to help guide you through the events that led you where you are today, you can still reflect on it yourself by working through the Second Insight. Each event leads to another; patterns surface, and then the story of your life begins to emerge once again. You may even find some benefit in exploring the Enneagram to learn more about yourself and the gifts you've brought into this life.

There are blessings when we are in transition. 

Being in between growth stages usually produces a state of restlessness as it opens us up to question the bigger picture of our lives. If we are ready to hear the messages, it can prepare us for what is to come and encourage us to embrace each moment we are in with compassion and appreciation. I am now experiencing a renewed hope for my future, and all the blessings that are to come as I step into my authentic self - the person I was born to be. There is also an excitement building for the future of Celestine Vision, the new book that James is writing, and the endless possibilities for our growth as a team.

If you are questioning your progress, your life, your mission, I implore you to look within, to find your own natural talents, and consider the pattern of events throughout your life that brought you to this present moment...right here, as you are reading this. This might just be a synchroncity for you, that nudge you've been waiting for you to start remembering to remember. You may be surprised that you're not as far off the path as you thought.

4 Steps To Grounding Yourself:  
  1. Take Ownership of Who You Are: Understand that where you currently are is due to the various choices you have made in each of the experiences you have ever had. It's easy to blame others, especially if they impacted us along the way, but true freedom comes from forgiveness, and taking control (and responsibility) of your entire life.
  2. Appreciate Your Individuality: Freewill allows you to have and make choices. You can be anything you want but, deep down, there is something special and unique about you. Don't resist your truth; go within to nourish and cultivate it.
  3. Never Compare Yourself To Others: Accept them for who they are, and treat yourself with the same respect. Use others' success stories to inspire you but don't ever judge them against your own. Your experiences and your mission are exclusive to you and the path you committed to in this life.
  4. Take Notice Of Your Silver Livings: See all the struggles you experience as your wake-up call, as your soul calling out for destiny to guide you. When one door seems to be shut, keep your wits about you to find the open path. It is there, and if you’re open to Synchroncity you will enter the flow once again.

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