Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Are You Sabotaging Your Chances for Living Your Purpose

I just read Mark Manson’s newest article Screw Finding Your Passion. It is a bit of tough love telling you to stop ignoring the things you really enjoy, and he also mentions three problems that are the real cause of why you have yet to appreciate the talents you already possess. I highly recommend you reading this for a bit of a wake-up call.

When I finished, I was left with this thought: Stop letting life just happen to you. Start making it happen for you. Give up on this life long search of trying to find out what you should be doing and open your eyes to what has always been there. Take a good look at your life, go within, and reflect on who you are and what really makes your passion come alive.

"Discovering one’s 'purpose' in life essentially boils down to finding those one or two things that are bigger than yourself, and bigger than those around you." If you are ready to explore what it is that really moves you, read these 7 Strange Questions.

Your purpose doesn't have to be your profession.

“The work you are here to do might not be summed up with a particular title on an office door,” says James Redfield. He wrote in The Tenth Insight Experiential Guide that there are four common ideas that we tend to have about a “life mission”. It is these four things that end up making it more complicated than it really needs to be.

(1) It exists somewhere “out there” waiting to be discovered
(2) It is a specific, namable occupation or activity
(3) Once we have it, our real life will begin
(4) We probably need to do something to change ourselves in order to find or deserve it  

If you are really set on turning your passion into a career, find out what comes naturally to you, what drives you, what excites you, what you love doing for hours that causes you to lose track of time. Figure out how you can do it better so you are giving the best of what you got and go share it with others. Do it for free to "see the power of doing what you love". Let your passion become your purpose and use it in a way that will change the world, making it a better place.

Until then, stop discrediting the job you have now. Find something good about it, change your perspective, and focus on that. No job is perfect all the time but you do have control over how happy you will be working there. 

What if you lost your job today?
Contemplate for a moment what it would be like.
How would you feel about not being there anymore? What would you do next?
Would you choose a new job in the same field or would you look for something different? 
Reflect on your answers with complete honesty and consider how you can be more grateful for what you have now and how you can make each day that you have in this job more satisfying.

Maybe, just maybe, you really are where you are meant to be. Take a look around you to see what is going right, what needs improvement, and what you can learn in order to prepare you for the next step in your life. Avoiding and resisting the problems you face closes you off to the messages and signs that hold the answers for you.  

To look at the bigger picture, you can ask yourself:

  • What is the reason or meaning behind this situation?
  • How can it help me grow more into my authentic self, who I am meant to be?
  • How is this related to my life purpose, and will it help me get closer to it?
  • How can this situation help me contribute my unique talents to others?

Working at a job you have begun to hate lowers your energy causing stress that spreads to other areas of your life. By focusing on the negative aspects of your circumstances, it’s hard to remember that we must give in order to receive.  You have the power to make even the most mundane tasks into rewarding experiences by bringing your passions and unique talents into everything you do.

A New Perspective 

“Generally, most of us think that our purpose comes packaged as a career, like airline pilot, real estate broker, dental hygienist, vice-president of marketing, social worker, or interior designer. Consider the idea that your purpose may be to learn to be more compassionate in your response to all beings. Your purpose may be to mentor one special child, create an industry, or be the Rock of Gibraltar in your family. Realizing that your life purpose is revealed over the course of your entire life journey opens your heart to accepting all that comes to you as part of your purpose, not just that which you do to earn a living.” ~James Redfield

What if it was our perceptions and expectations that were sabotaging our chances of living a more meaningful life? What if our purpose in life was to experience it fully and become more authentic as we grow towards a state of love, joy, and bliss? What if we are confusing our life purpose with the things we are passionate about? What if we started focusing more on the things we love to do the most and figured out how to turn them into a career?

I believe we would see there is so much more to our lives, so much more opportunity to truly live a passionate-filled life with purpose – on purpose.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Sometimes being understanding is more important than being right.

Sometimes we need not a brilliant mind that speaks but a patient heart that listens. 
Not keen eyes that always see faults, but open arms that accept.
Not a finger that points our mistakes, but gentle hands that lead. 
~ Unknown

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Love, the source of all things, is within you. Let it shine.

"Put your hand on your heart, the old man said. Inside there is a power, there are ideas, thoughts no one has thought of, there is strength to love; purely and intensely, and to have someone love you back - there is the power to make people happy, and to make people laugh - it's full of compliments, and the power to change lives and futures. Don't forget that power, and don't ever give up on it." ~ Atticus

When You Reach Out, Who Takes Hold?

When you reach out, who are the people in your life that genuinely support you, and who you can genuinely trust?
What about them stands out to you the most?
What ways have they impacted your life?
How do you express your appreciation to them?

 I posted this as a gratitude exercise in a Facebook group that I admin. One member who has become a close friend proposed I do a bit of a self-love challenge and I would love to share it with all of you:

"Those qualities you see in others, they are in you as well. No doubt about that. Some may be unconscious but they are in you. Now I challenge you to find the qualities you see in yourself like you did with us.  Just write them down and if it's difficult for you to find, check the ones you saw in others. I feel you are much more than you think. Value yourself! 

Write as much as you see in you. Then I'd recommend you to read the list each day at the time that feels right to you (maybe the morning would be a good time). And do it for a few days. Self love, acceptance, worthiness, confidence and so on can be built looking inwards.

I'll leave you with some food for thought besides the above:
Once when I was having a difficult time about myself, someone close to me told me: "I wish you could see yourself through my eyes. You are much more
than you think". Now I make those words mine and direct them to you."

I'd like you to take the words my dear friend gave to me and take on this challenge yourself to look deep inside. You are enough and you do have much worth. Find what makes you so valuable and unique. Make your purpose in this life to become more authentic and share all that is joyfully you with the world.  

Plant Seeds of Love Within You

I love the following quote by OSHO. It comes from chapter 5 in The Path of Meditation. It really shows us how connecting from within through nature gives us the opportunity to fill up with pure love. 

"First of all, send love to nature. To give pure love to a person could be a little difficult. The anahat chakra, the heart center can flow more easily towards nature because nature is not wounding you. If you want the seed of love inside you to sprout, the very first thing is to send a message of love to nature. But you are such strange people: the moon will be in the sky the whole night and you will be sitting and playing cards, and you will be calculating how much you have won or lost. The moon will be up there and a beautiful opportunity for love will be lost for nothing. The moon could have awakened that center of love within you.
If you could sit with the moon for a few enchanted moments and convey a message of love, its rays could move something inside you, some essence, and you would be filled with love."

You Have the Power Within You

Friday, 9 October 2015

You Are So Much More. You are Authentic.

How to Improve your Attitude to Enhance your Mood

Attitude is a choice.  
Choose wisely because it will impact every part of your life.

Every situation has a higher meaning; find the lesson to see the reasons it is happening.

Surround yourself with others who lift you up and inspire you to become more optimistic.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone or anything except for who you were yesterday.

Reach out to help others, even those you don’t know; random acts of kindness not only makes life better for those you help but they lift your spirits too.

Focus on your little victories; let them motivate you and give you strength.

Get out in nature for a hike to connect with the universal source and raise your energy.

Live your life to the fullest. Take chances. Make every moment count for something.

Be mindful in your conversations; consider the effect your words have on you and others.

Be honest and speak your truth while honoring others' truths, beliefs, and perspectives.

Take time for uninhibited fun filled with loud outbursts of contagious laughter.

Practice patience; lead with a gentle hand; love with a gracious heart.

Make decisions only after assessing situations objectively, and move on with confidence.

Accept others as they are right now. We are all on our own paths growing towards our purpose.

Free yourself through forgiveness. Let go of regret, guilt, resentment, and grudges.

Be more kind, considerate, and thoughtful, and improve your manners towards yourself and others.

Give freely and forget. Receive graciously and remember. Don't expect anything in return unless you are making an investment and be sure to express your appreciation to others.

Gratitude is the secret to a happy life. Don’t overlook this magnificent gift you’ve been given. Stop taking everything for granted, imagine life without it, and look for the miracles in all that you have.

Be still, calm your mind, and listen to your intuition. Practice mindfulness and meditation to be more in-tune with your state of being and receive messages from your higher self.

Let go of the past and future. Live in the moment. There’s a whole new world to be explored and it's always been right there waiting for you.

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