Saturday, 24 October 2015

Plant Seeds of Love Within You

I love the following quote by OSHO. It comes from chapter 5 in The Path of Meditation. It really shows us how connecting from within through nature gives us the opportunity to fill up with pure love. 

"First of all, send love to nature. To give pure love to a person could be a little difficult. The anahat chakra, the heart center can flow more easily towards nature because nature is not wounding you. If you want the seed of love inside you to sprout, the very first thing is to send a message of love to nature. But you are such strange people: the moon will be in the sky the whole night and you will be sitting and playing cards, and you will be calculating how much you have won or lost. The moon will be up there and a beautiful opportunity for love will be lost for nothing. The moon could have awakened that center of love within you.
If you could sit with the moon for a few enchanted moments and convey a message of love, its rays could move something inside you, some essence, and you would be filled with love."

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