Friday, 9 October 2015

How to Improve your Attitude to Enhance your Mood

Attitude is a choice.  
Choose wisely because it will impact every part of your life.

Every situation has a higher meaning; find the lesson to see the reasons it is happening.

Surround yourself with others who lift you up and inspire you to become more optimistic.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone or anything except for who you were yesterday.

Reach out to help others, even those you don’t know; random acts of kindness not only makes life better for those you help but they lift your spirits too.

Focus on your little victories; let them motivate you and give you strength.

Get out in nature for a hike to connect with the universal source and raise your energy.

Live your life to the fullest. Take chances. Make every moment count for something.

Be mindful in your conversations; consider the effect your words have on you and others.

Be honest and speak your truth while honoring others' truths, beliefs, and perspectives.

Take time for uninhibited fun filled with loud outbursts of contagious laughter.

Practice patience; lead with a gentle hand; love with a gracious heart.

Make decisions only after assessing situations objectively, and move on with confidence.

Accept others as they are right now. We are all on our own paths growing towards our purpose.

Free yourself through forgiveness. Let go of regret, guilt, resentment, and grudges.

Be more kind, considerate, and thoughtful, and improve your manners towards yourself and others.

Give freely and forget. Receive graciously and remember. Don't expect anything in return unless you are making an investment and be sure to express your appreciation to others.

Gratitude is the secret to a happy life. Don’t overlook this magnificent gift you’ve been given. Stop taking everything for granted, imagine life without it, and look for the miracles in all that you have.

Be still, calm your mind, and listen to your intuition. Practice mindfulness and meditation to be more in-tune with your state of being and receive messages from your higher self.

Let go of the past and future. Live in the moment. There’s a whole new world to be explored and it's always been right there waiting for you.

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