Monday, 31 August 2015

Welcome to the new "I Believe In Me" self-love series

“I Believe In Me” self-love series will run once a week with a new tip and discussion.

Self-Love is defined as loving yourself unconditionally in every moment, in all situations, no matter what it looks like outside or inside of you. Loving yourself is a process of discovery to uncover what is really going on behind the patterns that hide who you are in this world.

Tip # 1 - If you are unhappy, there is a need that isn't being met. Search within to find the light of your love.

By acknowledging my needs, I take responsibility for those needs. I act upon those needs. I am fully in the process of change, the process of Loving Self. I choose to bring all the negative aspects of myself into Love. ~Soulonline

If you are hesitant to make the changes you require in acknowledging and acting upon your needs that aren’t being met, break the need down to small practical steps that you can work towards and create new habits that will positively impact your life.

“It’s not that happiness itself is in you; it’s that happiness occurs when you decide to pursue what’s in you... Imagine who you want to be and then step towards it. Dream big and then do something. Anything. The simple act of moving at all will change how you feel about the entire process and serve to inspire you further.
Action → Inspiration → Motivation
If you lack the motivation to make an important change in your life, then do something, anything really, and then harness the reaction to that action as a way to begin motivating yourself.”  ~ Mark Manson

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