Saturday, 15 August 2015

You Create Your Own Reality

This quote seems to have stirred up some deep emotions in some people. Many have been dealt a hard life and it's really hard to take on the perspective that we create our own reality and that we must take 100% responsibility for everything that has happened to us.

I read No Limits by Joe Vitale and it talks about taking responsibility so I tried it out. I found when doing this you need to reflect on the past hurt, look for the positive lesson, and acknowledge the person it has turned you into. Then I thought about those times when bad things happened to me, over and over again, even the ones that were out of my control as a child and teenager. 

It doesn't matter how old you are, the universal laws are in effect for every one of us. I've learned, for myself, that due to my ignorance of knowing how to respond to my circumstances in ways to make them better, I just kept resisting and reacting in negative ways. I have to look back and show myself some forgiveness as well as others. I need to see the higher meaning of the messages I was being sent in each of my negative situations because even after all these years, all the things I haven't learned yet are still coming at me. And I also really need to appreciate these struggles I have been through; gratitude heals and love conquers all.

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