Saturday, 15 August 2015

How Can We Break the Cycle of Our Past?

One of the ways to help us break the cycle is to understand the messages we are receiving from the circumstances we continuously find ourselves in and then act on them appropriately. We cannot change a situation if we face it with resistance, anger, or fear. We must respond to it with its opposite. This can be hard to do when we find ourselves wrapped up in the emotional turmoil of what we are currently struggling with.

When we have calmed down after going through a situation, we can reflect on: 
(1) what happened
(2) what was said
(3) how we felt
(4) what the situation was trying to teach us 
(5) how much of the situation was our own responsibility 
(6) what the root cause is from our past that we have yet to deal with

After reflecting, we can decide how to proceed: if we want to continue to react, or if we are ready to respond in a way that we can rise above and move on to a happier life. In the moment, it is more convenient to take the easy way out but we will never reach any of our hopes and dreams that way.
When we have had enough and we are finally ready to make that shift in ourselves, we can begin to listen to those messages from the Universe to find out what it is trying to teach us.

In doing so, we must also fully deal with the situations that are causing us strife:
(1) let go of what is holding us back from our past
(2) forgive the people in our lives that are triggering our reactions
(3) express gratitude for them being in our lives to teach us this lesson
(4) show some compassion towards ourselves as we go through the entire process


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