Saturday, 15 August 2015

Stand in Faith

When things start to fall apart for me, I allow myself time to sit with the bad feelings. When I reach my lowest point and I just can’t take anymore, I surrender myself. I give it all over to God/Universe/Source/the Divine, and say, “I’m done, your turn, I can’t do this anymore. Please help me.” I’m not really religious but when I show complete faith in something higher than myself, I can feel a shift in me.

Resistance and disharmony is a signal that I am moving into a new area. When I give up my resistance by showing an unwavering faith, I move into a state of clarity and am better able to receive messages on what steps I should act on. “What you resist, persists.” If I react to my circumstances, negative things continue to happen. When I step back and mentally take myself out of the situation to look at it as an observer, I give myself time to form a new perspective and the ability to respond instead.

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