Monday, 17 August 2015

We are in Between World Views

We exist in a time of transition from a materialistic worldview to a more authentically spiritual outlook.
That means we are awakening from a world that for centuries has concentrated on the everyday shuffling around of material things – work, acquiring homes and food, dealing with educations, kids, and all the other day to day tasks necessary to make our lives secure.

In this old materialistic worldview, spirituality has been an afterthought – a mere decision to “believe or not to believe.” For a long time, we have engaged in religion, but this has usually been for one day a week only, after which we would forget about our belief and return to the material world.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe this materialism was a necessary step in the spiritual evolution of humanity. We had to settle in and create the means of survival and security before we could move on. In fact, it was this general improvement in material security that allowed the spiritual awakening I’m talking about to begin.

Our problem is that we are now “in between” world views. All the juice has run out of our pursuit of material progress as a life purpose, while, at the same time, the replacement worldview has not yet been fully formed. Many people have concluded that the war, hatred, and incivility now occurring means all is lost. Our hopes for an enlightened world seem thoroughly dashed.

But this is only the chaos of being in a transition phase. Losing a dominant world view is traumatic and brings uncertainty about life. To ease the pain, all kinds of crazy ideologies and realities have been embraced as substitute world views.

We have to be strong at a time like this. Seeing all this craziness can make a person discouraged, even depressed. But not if we see the nuttiness as a temporary transition and concentrate on aiding in the formation of the next worldview.

~ James Redfield

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