Thursday, 20 August 2015

Embrace Motherhood

Motherhood can be challenging and overwhelming but learning how to embrace it is empowering. In my journey to become authentic, I realized I was focusing on what I wanted to be rather than BEING who I am right now.

And right now, I am a mom, to two beautiful little girls, who is learning the value of presence, patience, and acceptance, and the lesson that the things I resist the most are the things that will set me free.

I have many fears that I won’t be able to break the cycle of my past or be the type of mother my children deserve. I have a wounded inner child that is crying out for help and I am overwhelmed with the inability to overcome my control drama.

Because I don’t have much of a support network, I sought out as many resources as I could find on positive parenting. They are so great with providing alternative techniques, but that’s all they were, professional resources and information.

I was so grateful when I found this page: Finding Joy . Rachel Martin has the courage to talk about those mom moments we’d rather keep hidden. She is an inspiration to my wanting to be authentic. She is honest and real. No shame. No judgment. Just love in her journey to find joy to share with us, encourage and celebrate our motherhood, and to cheer us on.

In my quest to BE me as I am now and embrace motherhood, I will be adding a ‪#‎Parenting‬ section to my ‪#‎BreakingTheCycle‬ day. My hope is to have as much courage as I have seen in Rachel to face my fears and the truth of myself in order to be the best mom I can be.

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